12.05.2015 - 12:31

The I visa is issued to representatives of the foreign media traveling to the U. S. Media visas are issued to members of the press, radio, film or print industries, whose activities are essential to the foreign media function. Media visas are issued but are not limited to the following occupations; reporters, film crews, editors and persons in similar occupations, traveling to the U.S. to engage in their profession. The applicant must be engaging in qualifying activities for a media organization having its home office in a foreign country. The consular officer will determine whether or not an activity qualifies for the media visa. The media activity must be essentially informational, and generally associated with the news gathering process. For example, reporting for a newspaper or a TV station based abroad are usually appropriate for the media visa.

In considering whether to grant media visas to foreign media representatives of a particular country, the U.S. considers whether the visa applicant’s own government is reciprocal to representatives of the media/or press from the United States.